Get Motivated: Orlando
Tuesday, February 26th 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM
Bob Carr Theater
401 West Livingston Street, Orlando. FL
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Could Change Your Life
"A barnstorming feel-good tour de force."
The Wall Street Journal
"The most successful and inspirational people in the country share their secrets with you."
Fox News
"A fabulous day... the most inspiring speakers in the world!"
The Boston Globe
"Recharge... return to work pumped and ready to do some serious business."
The Dallas Morning News
"Speakers inspire and excite with their tips for closing the deal."
The Kansas City Star
"Huge audiences... upbeat, can-do speeches... hours of encouragement."
"Rouses sales reps, entrepreneurs, and executives to higher levels."
The New York Times
Here are a few more reasons to join the more than 10 million people who have attended the Get Motivated Seminar over the past 30 years...
The time
to get motivated
is NOW!

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, but NOW. You will gain more from one day at the Get Motivated Seminar than you would by watching a thousand books and CDs. You can apply the knowledge and skills you gain to your home and work lives forever. Millions have benefited from the Get Motivated Seminar, and YOU CAN TOO!

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