May 31st
Toronto, ON

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June 2nd
Montreal, QC

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June 2nd
Montreal 2nd Location, QC

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June 7th
Columbus, OH

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June 9th
Cincinnati, OH

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June 15th
Detroit, MI

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June 21st
Milwaukee, WI

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June 23rd
Minneapolis, MN

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June 28th
Indianapolis, IN

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July 5th
Syracuse, NY

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July 7th
Rochester, NY

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July 19th
Winnipeg, MB

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July 21st
Pittsburgh, PA

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August 9th
Buffalo, NY

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August 24th
Baltimore, MD

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September 6th
Philadelphia, PA

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  • Perserverance
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The Time to Get Motivated is now!

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, but NOW...because a world class event like this only comes along once in a lifetime. You will gain more from the Get Motivated Seminar than a thousand books and CD’s...and it’s all in one day. You will apply the knowledge and skills you adapt to your home and work life forever. Thousands have benefited from the Get Motivated Seminar and YOU WILL TOO!

The Skills You Will Master


Every successful leader has learned to master skills that help their
organization make it through the good and tough times. You will learn:


Learn how to maximize your sales potential and prosper for a lifetime –
in virtually any industry, and in ANY economy!


Learn how to bring out the best in others as you communicate
better at home and on the job.


Master the skills it takes to persevere through any challenge.


How to motivate yourself and other to achieve life’s high goals


Learn how to overcome every obstacle and break through
every barrier holding you back.